Since the dawn of time, the driving force behind the propagation of a given species has anchored itself on interspecific and intraspecific competition. A creature's survivability relies on its capacity to defend against and dominate foreign entities, sometimes through the sophisticated biological phenomenon known as cooperation.

With the natural progression and growth of the cerebral cortex throughout the millennia, life has introduced further sophistication into creatures' manifestation of dominance. From brute-force combat tactics practiced by our ancestors, to complex interpersonal relationships, to the omnipresent, high-level international politics we observe in today's world, the desire to climb the dominance hierarchy continues to burn intensely within motivated individuals.

This mysterious natural drive is often veiled behind layers of increasingly arbitrary definitions of what is good or evil. This same drive is often shunned as a vestige of our ancestry and deemed inappropriate for a civilized species. Unfortunately, a civilized species only presents a greater number of facades to work around its primal burden, rather than to absolve itself of it.

A civilized species therefore grows primarily to improve its capacity for deception, with information as the primary form of ammunition, and abstract social and technological constructs as its battlefields. Victory is ultimately achieved through diplomatic compromise.

And so humanity now performs intraspecific combat catalyzed by technology via the cyber frontier, weaponized by the highly cerebral art of exploitation that drives our most inexorable primal instincts.

FAQ: Where did you get the handle "@primal0xF7" from? Why "0xF7"?

In x86 assembly, the machine instructions to perform a "neg eax", or negation operation on the contents of the EAX register, are "F7 D8" as can be seen in the following screenshot. (Source)

Negation Operation in x86

With that, I got the inspiration to represent "Primal Cerebral" as "primal0xF7". Moreover, the first letter of my first name is 'F', and my last name contains 7 letters, so "F7" coincidentally makes sense in that manner too. I also enjoy playing 7-string guitars.